SPES Energy Suite

Energy saving is the ability to produce the same benefits or products, managing endogenous and exogenous processes with optimized energy consumption.

SPES Energy Suite is a system that operates in demand/response mode: correlating the physical parameters (temperature, humidity, etc) with the use of the physical assets (HVAC, UTA, Cogeneration, etc) it enables to use the best energy profile.

Coop Alleanza 3.0

Coop Alleanza 3.0 was formed on 1 January 2016 by the merger of the three big cooperatives in the Adriatic region: Coop Adriatica, Coop Consumatori Nordest, and Coop Estense.Coop

Alleanza 3.0 is the Italy’s largest consumer cooperative and food retailer.

SPES provide study, assessment and validation activities to maximize results in terms of savings and efficiency.

SPES also provide instrumentations and maintenance for the entirety of their selling surfaces, with more than 90 malls in a two-year timespan.

Energy Management System

SPES EMS architecture permits:

  • A virtuous energy usage by centralizing setpoints and turn-ons
  • A clear identification of the less efficient sales points
  • Optimization of the virtuous sales points by analyzing all the consumption areas
  • Thorough a exhaustive realtime reporting as a tool for the Energy Manager and accounting.

SPES Energy Management System architecture is cloud-based and the web portal is accessible to everyone with credentials through a complete set of devices and web browsers.

Data Acquisition and Configuration

Data Acquisition and Configuration

Business Report Generator

Business Report Generator

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

What we manage

Electric Energy Consumption:

  • Low temperature Cold Chain
  • Medium temperature Cold Chain
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)
  • Internal and External Lighting
  • Production Machines (ovens, kneaders, etc..)
  • Office spaces (computers, lighting, etc..)

GAS and OIL Consumption:

  • Heating Systems
  • Sanitary Hot Water
  • Production usage  (ovens, washers, kitchens, etc..)


Average savings

Managed shops

Parameters controlled every minute

Mechanical parameters monitored

Gu@rdian Evo

The Gu@rdian Evo encloses every function of a modern SCADA in one architecture that allows to implement monitoring and control tasks for many different plant’s topologies and types.

The system is accessible everywhere: the users access to the SCADA function through an internet browser or custom iOS/Android App, locally or by remote.